Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shades of Pink!

I know you must appreciate the prettiness of pink!

They say pink lighting casts a soft, flattering glow on a complexion.

I think it casts a softer, happier glow in my entire life and I am not ashamed to admit I love pink all around me!

Over the years, I have collected and made some really pretty lampshades in pink and wanted to share.

Last evening, I started working on another lace lampshade.  I purchased a huge bolt of wide shell pink lace and could cover everything in my home with it if I wanted to!  

Honestly, I have never seen such an amount of lace.  It came from an estate sale and the lady was a crafter who made beautiful lampshades!

Here is my shade in progress. 

Here's my lampshade with finishing touches.... I'm looking for a little string of rhinestones to add as well but I added more lace and a little appliqué.

Thank heaven for hot glue!

I purchased this little milk glass lamp at the Rescue Mission.  Still not happy with the shade of pink it is but I will fix it up and get it how I want it, eventually.

I showed this shade last year after I made it but I added a sparkly and lacy rosette I made and wanted you to see.

I added this rosette to another pink shade picked up at a rummage sale.  I love the aqua broach with my forget-me-not vignette on this table.

Here is another lamp I showed last year, but with a rosette.  

Last year, after the holidays, I needed a project and picked up needle, thread and lace to make these rosettes. 

I can never seem to buy enough little rhinestone pins.  I always find a use for them.

Last but not least - I found this reading lamp at Goodwill last weekend for $6.06!!  

It is the prettiest pale shade of pink.  

I plan to use it in my someday craft studio, which will most appropriately be decorated with as much pink as I can stand!!

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun Labor Day weekend with their families!

Oh my goodness!  It's September!!  



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  1. Hello Jennifer,
    You have a lovely blog! Your pink lace is gorgeous, and yes, it is a huge amount. Yay for you! I am loving your romantic lamp shades! Well done! Your new desk lamp is a totally sweet shade of pink. Great find!
    Terri, your newest follower : )

  2. Thank so much Terri for visiting and following me!

  3. The lampshade with the sparkly rosette is so sweet. I truly enjoyed see your lace creations. Found you through Pink Saturday.

  4. Your shades are just beautiful! I love the little reading lamp, it reminds me of one my Meme had. HPS

  5. You are such a Girly Girl Jennifer!

    Love all the frilly lamp shades and your pretty rhinesone and lace rosettes. Sweet as a Georgia Peach! Hope all is really good with you and hope to see you soon, too.

    Ciao bella,

  6. I need a lamp like these! So charming!

    I came by to see if you still make your fluffy trees! They are so precious and I still have your giveaway button from last year up on my blog!

    I read about your kitty and I am so sorry. I hate losing my pets. They are such dear phamily to me!

    I hope you come by soon. I have a double giveaway going on!

    Have a good weekend and again I am sorry for the loss of your precious pet!

    Hugs Anne