Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweet and Shabby Vintage Girl's Dress

I finally found one!!

For a few years I have been seeking for and scouring the net for a vintage girls party dress!  

So, lookie what I got!!

(These pictures are from the e-bay listing)

I bargained for and won this dress on e-bay.   It wasn't cheap but price is relative.  How many of these are there left in the world??  I had a very specific dress in mind! 

It is shabby, no doubt, considering that it's 60 or 70 years old!  It's in a bit of disrepair.  Still this dress has everything I was longing for - ruffles, sweet vintage millinery and someone created and treasured it long ago!

The seller actually wrote me right before she mailed it out, just to make sure I that I was sure that I really wanted a dress in need of repair!

I wasn't looking for a gown in mint condition to display on a dress form.


I just wanted a sweet and shabby, homemade, pink, girl's party dress, preferably made of nylon net, ruffled.  

It looks as if I might have found it in my grandmother's attic if I was that lucky.


I'm displaying it like this....

All dressed up on a hanger with vintage jewelry and a vintage evening bag that I found in my grandmother's vanity after she died.

My mother wore dresses like this that her grandmother made for her in the mid to late 40's but none of them survived the attic heat and moths.  I remember her talking about going to "prom parties" when she was a young girl, maybe a pre-teen.  I imagine they wore these kinds of tea length dresses and that many of them were made at home.

Have a wonderful weekend and an awesome week!!



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