Monday, October 7, 2013

Pink Angels in My Etsy Shop

I promise that from now until December, this blog will be pretty, pink and merry!

It's Christmas at my workshop!

I listed some lovely new angels in my shop this weekend!

Look at this hot pink cutie!

She's an angel made from a nylon net Christmas tree with a vintage Holt Howard angel head.

She has sparkly pink bow. 

 and a pair of silver wings...

Her decorations are tiny hot pink and light pink vintage ornaments.

This beauty is a vintage plastic sleepy eye doll with pink hair.  She has gold and bling accents.

She has the sweetest face.

Her wings have fluffy pale pink ostrich feather added.

Her skirt is pale pink tulle.

They're both so angelic...

In this group, you can see an adorable custom order tree I did for a special customer who lives in Australia!

More shots of the sweet tree.  

 I made the pink and white candy canes my sweet customer asked for.

 They all look so pretty together that I had to take a group photo before the darling tree takes off for the land down under!

These angels are available in my etsy shop now!

Happy October, friends!  

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Darlings Available in My Etsy Shop

I'm just feeling inspired lately, what can I say? I'm on a roll of angel making! 

I had this idea after seeing some old fashioned clothespins.  I knew I had plenty of vintage and retro hankies I had bought for another project that didn't end up inspiring me!

I've seen so many cute cottage
 style laundry rooms done up in pink and aqua lately.  

Wouldn't these be cute hanging on a laundry room tree?  
Why Not?  

Sweet little angel ornaments in pink, lavender and aqua.  

Thanks for Looking!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What have I been doing lately?

The answer to that is ALOT!  Everything!

The "Christmas in July" event with my friend,  Jennifer Hayslip, went so well and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you.  

I was touched and humbled that these ladies traveled from as far as North Georgia and even Florida to be here for the day!  We had 14 participants.

We had a ball, in spite of a little July heat.  The ladies all enjoyed seeing Jennifer's beautiful studio and home.  

The food was out of this world and Jenn's home is just as beautiful in person as in her photos.

Here are a few snaps I caught.  I was busy instructing and didn't get many photos but Jennifer did and you can see them at her website.

Everyone is concentrating intensely on those stitches and the decorations! Heehee!

I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies and seeing how creative they were with designing their own adorable trees.

This kind of event is like heaven for crafters.  It is such a joy to be creative together.  I feel very grateful to be able to be asked to be part of such an event!

Moving on to August....

My upstairs bathroom was remodeled by a contractor/neighbor last month.

It is no longer the decorating disaster that my sister named it!  I wish I could find the before photos I took of the peeling lead paint and dated gold fixtures!  

I can't wait to share it when it's finished!

Basement Remodel

Last month, I started working on my disaster basement as well.  

Clearly, this basement has never received any attention since I moved in the house 14 years ago! 

My cats used to get into the ceiling and they knocked out some of the tiles when they were kittens.  Thankfully, they've outgrown it now!

The ugly 70's kitchen counter and sink come in handy for painting and cleaning projects but I hope to replace it with something better looking.

Check out the hideous green walls and the black and green asbestos tile that laid underneath the 80's tan carpet!

Speaking of the carpet, it's awesome to have that dust and dirt trap out of my house!  I pulled it all up myself!

I also ripped out all of the old tile by myself!   

My next dilemma is getting the black adhesive or mastic up from the floor.  I bought one "all natural" chemical that didn't work.  I'm trying a soybean oil product next.

I have been painting woodwork, pulling up carpeting and flooring and washing walls in preparation to prime and paint them.

This month, I hope to get the adhesive removed from the floor and to paint the walls, then I will move my craft supplies downstairs and set up a much needed workspace.

Working in the adorable eyecandy studio has inspired me and I realized I would enjoy crafting much more in a cheerful and organized, dedicated craft space.  

Art Projects and Etsy Store Update

 I also start stocking my etsy store with cute kitschy angels.  

Miss Pink and Aqua cutie sold within an hour of my listing her so,
NEVER underestimate the power of pinterest!  

She is on her way to Australia to a sweet new customer right now!

This beautiful girl is still available in my shop.

I love the cream, gold and dark pink combination.  

I have more retro, up cycled, angels in the works that will be listed!

Spun Cotton Angel Craft

I have taught myself to make retro mini spun cotton angels that I can use in my corsages and on my nylon net trees.  

The vintage ones are just so hard to come by and so pricey.  I love to use them in my crafts so now I know how to make them.  

These little nylon and wire angels are time consuming and tedious to make so I don't foresee selling them, but who knows?

That's just SOME of what I  have been doing in the past couple of months!  

It's no wonder I can't seem to find time to blog any more!

I hope you are having a productive and happy September!



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Sunday, May 26, 2013


UPDATE!!!!!  SOLD OUT!!!!!


Come and Join Me


Christmas in JULY!!


How much FUN does this sound like??

The event is being held at the gorgeous home and studio of my adorable friend,

Jennifer Hayslip


"Sweet Eye Creations"

If you aren't already familiar with Jenn's whimsical creations
 and lovely style, you can check out her beautiful website at:

Jennifer is also known as the

 "Whimsical Belle".

Jenn is KNOWN for her


Over the Top Events

such as 

"Petticoats and Parasols"


"Once Upon a Dream".

I had to pinch myself twice because
Jenn asked "moi" to teach 
everyone to make my 
fluffy, retro trees!

See the cute bio she made about me.

LOVE it!

I do have a mad love for all things 
Christmas and kitsch...

In Jennifer's adorable 
Eye Candy Studio,

we will craft and decorate our own

"Fluffy Sweet
Nylon Net"
Christmas Tree!

My trees are reproductions
 of  nylon net trees that were
handmade in the 1950's.

The old trees are adorable but rare.
I taught myself and began to make them a few years 
back because I wanted one so bad.

My inspiration??

The beautiful tree found in the famous 

"Sugar Plum Dining Room"


Who else??

None other than my sweet friend, 

Jenn Hayslip.

This gorgeous place
is the "Sugar Plum" dining room where we 
will be served a lovely lunch. 

The dining room will be completely "decked" out 
for an early Christmas Celebration!

We will make our adorable trees in the "Eye Candy Studio".

for details and to register, 

click here.

We would love to see you there and 
hope you can make it!

I hope you enjoy a
 lovely holiday weekend!!



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