Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweet and Shabby Vintage Girl's Dress

I finally found one!!

For a few years I have been seeking for and scouring the net for a vintage girls party dress!  

So, lookie what I got!!

(These pictures are from the e-bay listing)

I bargained for and won this dress on e-bay.   It wasn't cheap but price is relative.  How many of these are there left in the world??  I had a very specific dress in mind! 

It is shabby, no doubt, considering that it's 60 or 70 years old!  It's in a bit of disrepair.  Still this dress has everything I was longing for - ruffles, sweet vintage millinery and someone created and treasured it long ago!

The seller actually wrote me right before she mailed it out, just to make sure I that I was sure that I really wanted a dress in need of repair!

I wasn't looking for a gown in mint condition to display on a dress form.


I just wanted a sweet and shabby, homemade, pink, girl's party dress, preferably made of nylon net, ruffled.  

It looks as if I might have found it in my grandmother's attic if I was that lucky.


I'm displaying it like this....

All dressed up on a hanger with vintage jewelry and a vintage evening bag that I found in my grandmother's vanity after she died.

My mother wore dresses like this that her grandmother made for her in the mid to late 40's but none of them survived the attic heat and moths.  I remember her talking about going to "prom parties" when she was a young girl, maybe a pre-teen.  I imagine they wore these kinds of tea length dresses and that many of them were made at home.

Have a wonderful weekend and an awesome week!!



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  1. Oh my, how beautifully you have displayed her. LOVE IT! And I love your adorable pink greeting.

    Happy pinks.

    1. Thank you! Pink Saturday is a happy day/place for me!!

  2. Oh WOW Jennifer!! This is gorgeous - what girly dreams are made of! Super score on this one. I love the sweet purse and hanger too. xxoo ~ Heidi

    1. Hi Heidi! Thanks for stopping by and for pinning my dress! Can't wait to see you sometime soon! Jennifer

  3. What a lovely memory!!! I remember SO many of those sweet confections from my childhood and teens. I'm a decade or so past that one, but we ALL had recital dresses and evening dresses and party dresses with some form of tulle or net or other stiff material.

    They sometimes looked like foamy cupcakes, with all the rosettes and swags and beads, but they all had one thing in common---they were pretty much for LOOKS and not for comfort. I wonder how many of us of that era remember all fancy occasions as several hours looking splendiferous in a scratchy dress.

    And that's almost exactly my high-school prom formal, only mine was strapless, and with a poufier skirt---I can practically hear Elvis right now. Can you tell I'm smiling?


    1. That's what I'm talking about!! I remember wearing some of my mom's formals that she had in college to some events when I was a teen. Of course they were too small (she was tiny)and I had to suck in like Scarlett O'Hara getting corseted! Yes, they were poofy, hoopskirted, scratchy and tight but were such ruffly confections! Thanks so much for stopping by! Jennifer

  4. Well you sure are a lucky gal to have found just the dress you had been wanting and hunting for. Good for you, it's lovely. Happy PS. Hugs...Lu

  5. Jennifer, that dress is PERFECTION!! So happy for you that after all this time, you found the perfect one!
    I wanted to pop over and say thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your input re the copying/image theft.
    Take care,
    Natasha x

  6. Love the pink dress! I am on the hunt for a pink dress with tulle and I hope I find it one day for the right price, hopefully a bargain price.