Friday, September 2, 2016

Featured in Vintage Holiday Magazine!

Christmas Came Early!

One of my so called "bucket list" items has always been to have my holiday home selected to be in a real print magazine but I wasn't sure how to go about it.

Then, several months ago, Engaged Media Publications contacted me and asked if I would submit images of my home for their magazine, "Vintage Holiday"!

The editor, Devlin Smith, had seen my blog and thought my vintage inspired home decor would be a fit for their upcoming issue.

Of course, I was flattered and excited to be asked! 

My talented friend, Jennifer Hayslip generously agreed to photograph my home for the magazine.

Jennifer's home has already been featured in several magazines and she knows exactly what will look beautiful in a magazine spread! 

She is also a Christmas Queen, just like me!

I am so grateful to Jennifer for spending many hours photographing and editing so that my dream could come true!

Below is the entire room as it was decorated.

I think this picture makes the tiny room look much larger!  

Here is a close up of the turquoise tree centerpiece on my dining room table.

I made this tree just for the Vintage Holiday photos and it is available to purchase!

Here is another view of the room and of my grandmother's china cabinet.

A close up of the "magical" china cabinet!  

I revamped the banner that I purchased years ago by covering the old glitter with silver leaf paint and spreading fresh silver glass glitter on it.  

Below is the 5 tier shelf I purchased at the local Rescue Mission several years back and painted. 

Because it mimics the shape of a Christmas tree, I filled it with angels and mercury glass balls in bright and pastel shades and trimmed it with tinsel.  There are also star shaped LED lights strung along the sides. 

Here is a better view of the other side of the room.  

I set my favorite tulle tree, vintage angels and velvet santas on the buffet.  

My pink tree is one of the first tulle trees I ever made.  I hung the tiniest vintage ornaments all over it.  It's my favorite decoration that I will never part with!

I topped this fluffy tree with a special upcycled angel that I covered in 50's gift wrap with vintage chenille arms and an old rhinestone earbob and silver tinsel.    

Pink Santa looks ready for his close up!

In another corner, I decorated a silver tinsel tree, which is actually just the top of a 6 foot slim tree.  I adorned the tinsel tree with bunches of shiny pink ornaments, tiny aqua bells and mini spun cotton angels that I crafted.  

Lastly, I topped the sparkly tree with a petite feather angel holding a gold violin and bow. 

I hope you enjoyed these photos of my dining room!

I never realized how much hard work it is to fill up a page with pretty things, but I throroughly enjoyed the experience and would welcome the opportunity to do it again! 

I also want to mention the sweet author of my article, Michelle Prather.  Michelle asked great questions and wrote a piece that explained my childhood love for the holiday and described my haphazard, instinct driven decorating process (or lack thereof) perfectly!

Many of the handmade angels and the turquoise tulle tree will be available to purchase!

Last, but not least....

The cover of "Vintage Holiday" features the enchanting "Sugar Plum Dining Room" of none other than my friend, Jennifer Hayslip!

Jennifer is known for her fairyland living and dining rooms and bright nostalgic kitchen decor!

Several of her rooms are featured in this issue and they are indescribably beautiful and festive!

Even though we've lived in the same town, for many years, I actually discovered Jennifer's artwork and beautiful home on flickr about 8 years ago and we became friends.  

When I visit her home, my head is constantly turning to take in every sugar coated detail! 

Each year, I feel inspired by Jennifer's beautiful candy colors, jolly figurines and happy vintage blow mold collection!!  

I hope this post has inspired you to pick up a copy of "Vintage Holiday" to see all of the festive and colorful homes decked out for the Holidays!

The other featured homes and ideas for do-it-yourself projects are amazing!  

The magazine will be on newsstands Tuesday, September 6th.
You can find the magazine at your book stores, craft stores, grocery stores, or online at

Have a wonderful weekend!