Saturday, December 10, 2011

And The Winner Is!!!!!

I apologize to everyone for being so late in my giveaway announcement!!

A shot from my kitchen last year to give you something cute to see!!
I want to thank everyone who both commented and signed up to follow my blog!

The winner of the fluffy tree 

is Rose or Clubskulit!!

 I notified Rose last weekend, as soon as she was picked.

She wrote me back to say she wants a good old fashioned green and red tree!!  

My two fav Santas!  You are seeing my old dining room wallpaper, btw.
 I had another custom order tree to finish, a house to decorate and a typically busy December week, so I haven't even begun to work on her tree yet but hope to start it tomorrow and finish Sunday to be ready to ship it out to her Monday so she can enjoy it for Christmas this year!!

Dear Orangina.  We had just gotten her last Christmas!
 Goodness, this month is so crazy.  Every year I get a little too ambitious with all my plans but this time I have bitten off way too much!!

Since Thanksgiving, I have painted my buffet, sanded all my dining room chairs, nearly finished decorating for Christmas, made some trees, oh yeah, worked (took a couple of days off too though ;), shopped, read alot of blogs, watched Christmas movies, hung out with my kitties, had lunch and dinner with friends a few times.

Kitschy Christmas candles on my Christmas kitchen counter. ;p.
 Is everyone going crazy like me??

Goals for this weekend are to have the house pretty enough to photograph for my blog, organize my craft supplies so I can make a few things, do the usual housework, attend a party, attend church, paint my chairs, enjoy myself , etc., etc. (Gasping for breath!!)

One of the vintage ornament box assemblage ornaments I made last year.
So, off  I go hoping to have more pictures to share very soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful time this weekend!! 

In spite of the way I sound, I am very much in the Christmas spirit!

Sadie Claus!!
 Wishing You All Peace and Joy!



Pink is optional this Pink Saturday, because Christmas is the thing!!

Go on over to Beverly's blog and celebrate!!

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Rose is a lucky lady! My hubby would get along with her just fine! He is a red and green traditional Christmas tree guy too! I like the mix it all up! I was sad not to win but always happy for the lucky lady who did receive your pretty frilly tree! Hugs Anne