Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Spot for a Convalescing Cutie....

  This is my beautiful Victorian Bed.  I purchased it from a friend's antique shop.  She knew it was perfect as soon as I said I was looking for a full size Shabby Chic style bed!

It's so short that I can't imagine anyone taller than me sleeping here, and
I'm 5'2"!!

 As far as Shabby Chic goes, it's the "real thing".  Someone painted over what I can only suppose was once a gorgeous rich cherry wood.

Just threw this in for cuteness sake....
Something about a fresh made bed, that always attracts the kitties.

My babies, Sadie and Pippa.

Sadie got spayed this week.She's a tiny thing
and it took a long time for her to come out of the effects of anesthesia.  
Watching her do so was a trip! 

When I say she's the real thing, I mean she has the scars to prove it...

 Just a few shots of the shabby parts

Cherry wood showing through.

They don't make em' like this anymore!
Check out the gorgeous detail.

Carvings and Curves!
Purr-fect Spot for a Convalescing Cutie....
 I found this pretty pink chenille bedspread at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.
My original plan was to make cottagey seat covers for my dining room chairs.  
The kitties and I are enjoying it on the bed for now!

Miss Sadie is doing well.  She has even been outside a little with me close by. 
She takes her medicine like a champ.  She is the sweetest, most docile thing anyway.

Miss Pippa will have her turn but she's still so tiny - only 3 pounds or so.

Much as I love my girls, I don't need more kittens!  

Only wish my babies would stay little forever....

Have a wonderful week!



P.S.  I have some exciting updates coming soon for my etsy shop!  That will be my next post!

Can you believe it's Wednesday, well nearly Thursday already??  That makes it time for "Share The Love Wednesday"!!  Wouldn't miss it!!

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  1. I am late getting to my Pink Saturday...adventures..there's just something about topping your week-end off with lovely PINK eye candy...and getting to know you through your blogs...God Bless and have a great week!
    I love that bed

  2. I just love it! Thanks for the comment on plates, and I am a new follower. Have a great day, love your blog!

  3. Love the bed and the sweet kitties too!

  4. Love your beautiful bed and sweet kitty cats. New follower.
    Audrey at

  5. Hi Jen
    I had some time to do more blog reading before bed, and I am glad I came back,I got a glimpse of that gorgeous bed earlier and wanted to come back and see it proper...its beautiful, I love the decorative headboard The colour its painted is perfect in that lovely soft yellow,even though its covering the cherry wood I think I prefer the yellow...The little side table is lovely as well.
    You have two of the sweetest fur babies!!!
    Ive found your follow button and I am now your newest follower:)