Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sentimental Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to Everyone and many thanks to Beverly for hostessing the pink party!

Today, I want to remember my parents, 
Toni and Richard Jones.  

 They married on November 19th, 1960
 and had twin girls several years later.  

My twin sister, Janet and me.  I'm on the left.

My parents and me with our Bishop, Raymond Lessard at my confirmation in 1989.  I was 23 and converted a year after my mom and dad.
My father died in 1991 - Twenty years ago!
It seems impossible.

My mother passed four years ago.

Now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are approaching, I can't help but think of the big holiday gatherings of my childhood.

For many years now, my son and I have been invited for dinner at my cousins.  

It's kind of turned into a tradition that my cousin Susan, the hostess, gets a little teary before the blessing when she mentions that my grandmother was the original hostess and that we miss our family members who have died and she looks at me and then I get teary eyed too.

Our parents and grandparents are gone now and the younger generation has become the older.

We once sat at the children's table in the living room, but now we sit in the dining room and eat on the good china and have wine with dinner ;)

Now, on to a pink subject!!

Are you thinking about decorating for Christmas yet??  

Are you dying to decorate?

Have you already decorated???

I know I am getting in the spirit
.... and PINK will be a big part of Christmas around my house!

I can't wait to pull out my 
treasured pink Santa

He was a once in a lifetime $10.00 estate sale find.  I rummaged through a sweltering attic two years ago in July to find him!   

I will be displaying the tree I made for myself
last year when I started my tree crafting.

  My mother LOVED pink and aqua years before shabby chic was the thing, and had an aqua living room and dining room with a pink tablecloth.  

I think of her whenever  I see the combination.

I'm making and selling trees and I'm finishing up custom orders this weekend so that I can finish and photograph the special trees I've dreamed up for my etsy shop.

If you'd like a pink tree, I have one in stock now and have lowered the price.  

Click the link to my etsy shop on my sidebar Keep checking to see one you might love for your own.  

There will be more pink, and aqua and even a peppermint tree and maybe a lavender tree... 

The custom order I worked on tonight might be the cutest tree yet.  

I made it for my friend, Janice.  She and her husband founded the company I work for and are both retired.  She drops in sometimes and happened to see a blue tree I had sold and asked me to make a similar tree for her sister.

She wanted lights so I fashioned the ruffles around some neat fiber optic mini lights.

Did you know you can trim fiber optic lights if they are too long?  

I found out tonight... 

I had fun making a vintage Christmas corsage style tree topper with a sweet little angel.

I couldn't stop admiring it when I had finished it this evening!

I truly wish you and your families a blessed Thanksgiving with lots of love, laughter and good eats!

I'm thankful for so many things and one of those is my little world here in Blogland.  

To all the friends and kindred spirits I have found through blogging, your comments and posts inspire and uplift me on a daily basis.




  1. Your post bought tears to my eyes. Couldn't help to think about my childhood holiday gatherings and the loved ones not with us anymore...any ways getting back to happy thoughts, I love your pink santa and the trees you make! Very creative!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Ann

  2. I love your pink Santa.Your Christmas background is beautiful. I'm thinking I will put my new header up today too!
    Blessings, Audrey

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Jennifer!
    Your story about your parents was very touching. So sweet. I love your pink santa..he is special...and your trees are so wonderful too!
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.
    xo Tami

  4. The pink santa is awesome!!!Love the soft shade and I too love your background. Love all the netting/

  5. Oh how sweet! God bless you and Happy Pink saturday! Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. What a nice post w/wonderful sentiments all throughout. Yes, that first tree totally took me back to my childhood, something about it, the colors, something just does that. I used to wish I could have stayed a child so I wouldn't have to be adult at Christmas. That too was a long time ago! Enjoyed my visit. Happy Pink Saturday and looks like you'll have a Happy Pink Christmas too! Thanks, Jenn

  7. I love, love, love the tree you made for your friend. The tiny angel at the top is adorable! Sorry you can no longer share the holidays with your parents ... mine are 83 and I know that day is coming soon. :( Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Hello Jennifer
    God bless you as you remember your dear parents.

    Your pink Santa is adorable, and I love the Christmas trees

  9. What a blessing to be loved by wonderful parents.
    Your post was lovely and your trees are adorable :)
    Happy Thanksgiving.