Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gorgeous Autumn Etsy Listing

I have listed a really special set of 
rare Wedgwood dishes for sale in my etsy shop.  
They belonged to my mother but were never used, 
except for display.  

When my parents married, someone very kind gave her twelve of these gorgeous Wedgwood plates!

I estimate that they were from the 1920's due to the Deco design elements.  They are the most beautiful combination of gold, orange and black/brown.  

I've tried researching them, can't find any information, and have decided that they are very rare.

Here are the markings and stampings on the back.

They appear to have been originally purchased at Tiffany & Co., New York.  There are several of these Tiffany dividers included in the listing as well.

The Deco border design appears to be transferware and the orange flowers appear to be hand painted due to their being raised.  The orange is so vivid.

I truly love these very smart looking plates. 

But alas,
I have a pink, shabby chic decor and they don't really go, and I'm not redecorating any time soon! 

 I have two of them displayed on my fall mantel.

These would be gorgeous on a fall or Thanksgiving table or as a display.

Here is a funny outdoor picture of the 12.  

I've listed 8.  The size of the set sold is negotiable.  I am willing to sell smaller sets.

I hope some lucky collector will be thrilled to get them this fall or for Christmas.  

I just wanted to share how pretty they are with everyone and hope they will tickle someone's fancy!

Hope you are having a beautiful autumn afternoon! 

Please be safe if you are in the path of Sandy!




  1. Hi Jennifer, What a gorgeous pattern for the season. Love it's charm. You have a lovely blog and etsy shoppe. So nice to meet you.
    Happy rest of the week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Such pretty plates! That pattern is a gorgeous shade of autumn! Best of wishes to sell these beauties! They are quite lovely.