Saturday, January 14, 2012

Depression Glass Makes Me Happy!

Some little girl must have been very happy to get this pretty pink tea set many years ago....

I set a little place setting with my daintiest fork and spoon... 

I love this set of ruffled plates.  They are so small that they aren't salad plates.  Maybe they are bread and butter plates.  

As my sister said, they are the perfect size to hold some little delight...what a sweet thought.

These aqua salad plates came from the Rescue Mission... I rescued them for about a buck each, I think.

I love colored glasswear.
I am not a crystal stemware girl...  
I don't own any fancy Waterford.

Colors are cheerier...

This set of pink and green depression glass goblets is really special.  They were a gift from a dear friend.  

Her great aunt left them.  She couldn't use them but thought of me, knowing I love pretty things with a past.

They're in my home to stay!  

Each time I look at them, I think of spring...even on a cold January day.

Hope your day is bright!!

Love and Hugs,


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  1. Jennifer!! OMG!! They are all stunning! I LOVE depression glass and I am lucky enough to have some pink pieces myself. I also have some of my mother's amber pieces and I collect ruby red also. Yours are stunning!!


  2. Hi Jennifer..oh the glass is so stunning!! Like little jewels. I love the pink depression glass.
    Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

  3. Soooo pretty!! What beautiful pieces, lucky you!! Happy Pink Saturday!!

  4. What lovely depression glass you have. A have a few pieces, but none this color or pattern.

  5. Oh Jennifer, I am oohing and ahhing over your dishes. I have a bit of pink depresswion glass, but I have not seen that darling turquoise color. I love turquoise so they just about my heart jump out of my shirt. Love, love the ruffles and the size. Your treats look so scrumptious! I am doing a pink give away on my blog. Hop over and see if you are interested. I am now following you.
    p.s. I just put my glassware out for Valentines today and will be blogging about it tomorrow. Next week I will be mentioning you on my blog (as reccommended by Beverly from Pink Saturday).

    1. Hi Jann, Thank you for your sweet compliments and thank you for telling me about your mention for next week. I have to admit that I haven't done a shout out like that for anyone else yet so I will be thinking about how I can do that as well! I will hop over and see your give away now! thanks again! Jennifer

  6. It makes me happy too!
    I LOVE the stemware! I have never seen them before, how unique!

  7. Oh, Jennifer, I love the pink and green glasses! All your glassware is beautiful.


  8. Oh, I like what you got there. They look fancy to me.

    Visiting for Pink Saturday. Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)

  9. ooohhhh...these are so adorable! I have had a hard time finding anything like this is thrift stores. But my search will continue. thanks for sharing, the pictures are stunning and it will help me keep my search for them alive! have a grand day, Jen

  10. So pretty! I also love the aqua ruffled dishes - they are my favorite!

  11. Nice! I love depression glass too, and your post makes me happy. Happy to follow you as well. Your Christmas photos had me drooling!

  12. Darling! Just darling! I love the pink tea set and blue ruffle plates, and, well all of it! Please feel free to stop by my Blog Launch Party this week, and check out my Giveaway (retail value $175!) I am a new "mommy blogger and would love your expert opinion. Thanks!

  13. What a pretty collection. I prefer colored glassware too, you make me want to go shopping for some!

  14. I love your pretty pastels! These plates are just beautiful. Enjoy them! When I was with Princess House I always bought the pretty pastels. I have some sundae footed bowls and I love them! I was at the thrift store this morning. I found 2 sweet teacup and saucer sets. I love them and hope to have a beautiful tea party this Spring.
    Always a joy to visit you.
    I so love your frilly little trees. They would be sweet for Valentines day with some hearts on them! Hugs Anne