Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day weekend

You can probably tell from the above photo of a really messed up, bare walled living room that something is happening...

I've been taping, scraping, patching, sanding, washing walls, removing outlet covers, etc......

So, I think I bought the paint a year ago because I just couldn't put up with the yellow gold walls any longer, but as usual, I procrastinated.

My kitchen got some attention, My dining room got completely re-wallpapered and painted...

I am still working with a heat gun, melting and scraping 60 years of paint layers in the plaster walled bath room.  I'll be blogging about that one day, hopefully THIS year!

I had two gallons of Sherwin Williams "Crisp Linen" in my basement just waiting all this time and I was dying to have a lighter, more neutral color in the living room.  

It's just so involved, painting.  Even my beautiful dining room is a mess while holding the living room's contents.

 Thursday night I got some energy from somewhere.  I took  everything down off of the walls, I moved the furniture and I started prepping the walls.  Then I was committed, stuck with my decision.

It's been slow going this weekend but most of my prep work is done and hopefully tomorrow I will begin the priming.

I want to do this prep work perfectly because I've got to make sure that awful gold is never seen again!

I hope I will love the new color in my home as much as some pictures I have seen taken in other people's homes.  If not, (deep sigh) re-painting is not something I want to think about right now.

Will be sure to post more pictures when I am done and things are back in place.

Oops, I did it again.... last week.

I took in another stray.

This is a sweet female kitten.  She's not nearly as young as little Pippa but you would think they were from the same litter, the way they are playing and cuddling together.  

I tried to find out who might own this baby when I found her crying up in my tree Thursday morning.  Orangina, my orange tabby is seriously displeased about this.  She stays away more and she is nastier to the new kitten than she was to Pippa even though the new kitten is much more docile than Pip, who can be a pest, and leaves her alone.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures...

More news from here, my sister is in Afghanistan-again (my name for that country) working as of last week and has a two year contract.  She was unemployed for a very long time so this was a much needed job.  She's living in Kandahar Province, so her life will be much more isolated than when she lived in Kabul.  Kandahar is more dangerous, so she will be confined to home base along with her co-workers.  Since she's a writer, I suggested she start a blog because she will need a hobby! 
My son and his band recorded his first CD (independently, of course, we WISH he had a big record deal... ;-)  They are still editing but he's excited.

I'm hoping your labor day is a holiday or a day to work and make some extra holiday pay if you so wish...  

Hugs, kisses and peace,


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  1. Hi Jennifer, I just went thru all this this past Jan/Feb. I am sure you are going to love it when its done. Wishing your sister well, and hope the cd goes over real well.....

  2. How exciting to have a whole new look...can't wait to see it when it is done!

    what a heart of gold you have....cutest little kiddy! Thanks for your visit to my blog.